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About Us

Pure AV looks to create & design events to a standard of excellence. With over 15 years experience in the industry we have faced many challenges. We thrive on challenges and look forward to designing and creating every event we do. We are based in Townsville and work all over Queensland from Port Douglas to the Gold Coast. We offer a range of event lighting and audio visual services to tailor ideas and create solutions specifically to meet each client’s requirements. We can build or design any product required for your event.


Pure AV also installs many commercial grade outdoor led structures for Pure Lighting. We are the installers of large outdoor Christmas trees, maple trees, cherry trees, LED fireworks and many other products.

Setting The Scene


Proudly featured in:

       Featured Wedding


Setting the scene and creating the atmosphere, Pure AV designed a lighting plan using no colours other than white light. We provided a full fairylight canopy for the main bridal table and spotted every table in the venue in white. This allow for us to turn off the lights in the venue and create a real stunning effect. What worked really well with doing this concept were the floral arrangements and candleabra's.

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