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For more information on festoon light canopies please click here


We have one of the best festoon lighting in the hire market. It has so many aspects that make it safe for outdoors. Many brands are 240 volt and not safe outdoors. Our festoon lighting is really good for the following reasons -


  • Reduced from 240 volt AC to 24 volt DC power

  • All leds still have waterproof grommets

  • 2 x 1.5mm heavy duty cable

  • 1.5watt led bulds ( many other brands are only .04watt )

  • LEDS do not require a dimmer

  • LED bulbs have a clear cover given that popular vintage look

  • There is no heat in the bulbs whatsover

  • The LED driver is IP67 rated for waterproofing

  • Each length can be connected to the next one so you have one continual length making it very easy to install

  • With 240 volt festoon you have to worry about how much power you are drawing as they use heaps of power. You can risk blowing curcuits due to not having enough power. When running these LED festoons there are no power worries. They are extremely low in power consumption.


We can also supply lanterns for the festoon lights. As another option there is a 60mm fronted led bulb available.


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