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There are many things to take into account when looking at a fairy light or festoon light canopy. The main thing you really want to acheive is to create an unbelievable atmosphere and making sure it is installed safely by a qualified company with the right certification. 

Question 1 - Where can I put a fairy light / festoon light canopy

Answer - any location both indoors and outdoors

Question 2 - How do I know who the right company is to book a fairy light / festoon light canopy through

Answer - A company that has a certified rigger with a current riggers ticket and the insurance to go with it. When installing anything above peoples heads for events it is illegal to do this without a certified rigger with a current ticket. If your installer does not have this ticket and you still book them to do the job both you and the venue are liable when an accident occurs. 

Question 3 - What framing system can be used for this install

Answer - A truss system using all of the right brackets with load ratings stamped into the brackets. No cable ties are to be used at all apart from on fairy lights themselves

Question 4 - Can I use a drape kit system to save money for my fairy light / festoon light canopy

Answer - A drape kit system was never made for this purpose and is a major liability. There is no certification or engineering for this type of use. A drape kit system is 100% soley design for drapes to hang downwards and was never designed for pull sideways and can be dangerous for this use. You cannot lean on a pole. It will colapse if you tried to do this. The liability would be totally on you

Question 5 - Will I have enough light for my event

Answer - You can have enough light just using fairy lights. You need to book an experience company that knows exactly how many fairy lights you require to acheive this. If not done right you can either not have enough light or have way too much light which will both ruin the effect you were trying to acheive.

Question 6 - What colour temperature is best for my event " warm white or bright white "

Answer - This is a really good question and it is important to get this right. 

Bright white - This colour is not good for any event other than Christmas. It is cold and does not create an atmosphere at all and can look very ordinary especially for Weddings

Warm white - This colour best suits events especially Weddings as it creates an unbelievable atmosphere if done right with the exact right amount of lights. Make sure you check with your hire company that the warm white is not a real yellow looking warm white as this can look very ordinary. There are many different colour temperatures when looking at warm white. It is important to get this right. The wrong warm white can make you feel like you have wasted your money and the biggest issue is that you don't find this out until your event.

Question 7 - How do I make sure I get the right warm white colour temperature

Answer - This is easy, simply go to the company you are looking to book for your special event and ask them to show you the exact lights they would be using for your event. This way you know if the colour is what you are looking for.

MOST IMPORTANT - Make sure all of the lighting is low voltage and runs from a transformer. This makes it safe for everyone at your event. There is a lot of cheap product on the market that is not safe. Some of it runs on 240volt and through very thin wire which also is not double insulated. This is not safe under any condition. Avoid using this. Even if indoors, if a child at your event was to chew through this thin wire the outcome would not be good. All Pure Events product is low voltage

- Also if outdoors, make sure all 240volt power coming from generator or building is properly waterproofed.

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